How to Find the URL of an Uploaded Image In WordPress

Written by Dan Anderton

How to find an image URL in WordPress

Uploading an image to WordPress is simple, thanks to the built-in media uploader. However, sometimes, you might want to use those images in other areas of your site or social media. If you’re like me, I can hardly ever remember the URL for the images I’ve uploaded. So in this tutorial, I’ll show you how you can quickly and easily find the URL for all your images.

Finding Your Image

When you upload an image to your site using the built-in media uploader, WordPress will automatically give it it’s own unique URL. This URL usually includes your domain name followed by /wp-content/uploads and then the date the image was uploaded followed finally by the name. That’s a lot to remember.

Now to find your images URL, we need to first login to the WordPress admin area. From here, click on Media in the menu. After clicking, your media library will load and you’ll be able to view all your uploaded images and files.

If you can remember what you named the image (or even a vague idea), you can quickly find it by using the search function. If you can’t remember, I’m afraid you’ve got some scrolling to do to find it.

find image URL in WordPress

After you’ve found the image you wanted, give it a click. This will open a popup window with all the images details along with a preview of the image. This right column will show you everything from the file name, type, size, dimensions and metadata. You’ll also see the image URL at the bottom. To get the URL, simply copy the displayed link.

Find the URL of an image in the WordPress media library

Opening the URL using your browser will show you the full size, original version of that image.

Method Two: From The Front End

The first method is great if you have admin access to your site. But signing into WordPress can take precious time and you might need your URL in a hurry. So if you want the URL for an image that is already published on your site, then you don’t actually need to log in at all.

Open the page or post that contains the image. Find the image you’re looking for and right-click on it. Select the ‘Open image in new tab’ option and viola. Your full-size image will load in a new browser tab.

Once your image has loaded, take a look at the address bar and copy the URL shown. This is the same URL as you’d find in the admin area of your site and can be used to display your images anywhere you like.

Need The URL For Other Media?

The WordPress media library can be used to upload more than just images. You can upload videos, PDF files, GIFs, MP3s and more. If you need to find the URL for one of these files, the easiest option is to follow the steps in method one. Log into your WordPress admin area and click media. Located the file you need, give it a click and copy the URL directly from there.

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